Wedding Ceremony | Liddington Gardens


Photography by Danelle Bethane

The Ceremony-Only Package includes:

  • Susi Liddington Creative Weddings Consultation and Event Management Service to discuss and establish all Ceremony requirements including Coordination on the day.
  • Susi Liddington Creative Design and Styling Service initial consultation to determine Design and Styling requirements. The private collection of Decorative and Furnishing Items are available to hire on request. Please refer to Inventory of Decorative Items Price List and Gallery.
  • Exclusive access to Liddington Gardens on a day prior to the wedding to:
  • Conduct the Wedding Rehearsal, including installing the PA equipment and music accompaniment as per arrangement.
  • Finalize the Photography Schedule.
  • Deliver /arrange ceremony chairs and other equipment and decorative items required.
  • Finalize Details and Time –Line Schedules.
  • Exclusive Access to Liddington Gardens on the Wedding Day for:
  • The duration of the Marriage Ceremony.
  • The duration of the Photography schedule.
  • The duration of the guest entertainment and refreshments.
  • One 12 metre x 6 metre White Marquee for refreshments and wet weather plan
  • One Exclusive Weddings Attendant for the duration of the  Wedding Ceremony Celebration

Decorative and Furnishing options and Items included are as follows:

  • Ceremony Back drop includes one of the following:
    Rustic free- standing Wooden Doors
    Wooden Frame with Ribbon and Lace Drape
    Wooden Frame with Sheer Organza Drape
    Other backdrop or Aisle decoration by arrangement
  • Ceremony Signing table, decoration, pens and two matching chairs
  • Cake Table, Silver Cake Knife and Silver Cake Slice
  • Drinks Table and Table Linen
  • Table Decoration
  • Three 10 litre Glass Urns for iced beverages
  • Large Galvanized Tub for iced beer and wine

NB: Beverages, Ice, Glassware and Canapés are not included.

  • Canapés Table with Table Linen
  • Table Decoration
  • Two Large Mirror Platters with Cake Stands for Canapés
  • Six 3 x 3 metre White Market Umbrellas and 25kg stands
  • Six Large White Floor Cushions
  • 12 medium size Neutral Cushions
  • Six White Picnic Blankets
  • All existing outside garden furnishings

NB: Market Umbrellas, Floor Cushions and Picnic Blankets limited to fine weather use only

  • Standard Set- up and Break- Down are included for the items listed above. Additional Styling requirements will be charged separately.
  • Disposal of Waste – Organic, Burnable, Non Burnable  and Glass is included
  • Private and Extensive off-road parking and parking signs.
  • Personalized Wedding Black board and Easel
  • Private access for Bridal cars

NB: You may supply your own alcohol and non- alcoholic beverages. There is no corkage fee or surcharge applied

  • Professional Sound System by arrangement

Ceremony Price: $1800